Today, World Intellectual Property Day, we re-launch our firm’s website.

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Dear Clients and Colleagues,

Today, April 26, 2017, we are pleased to re-launch the website of our firm, after restructuring content and establishing a new approach for tools which will allow us to provide more information, updates and useful communications to our visitors. It gives us great joy that this event coincides with the celebration of the World Intellectual Property Day in recognition of innovation, its creators and the availability of knowledge as basis to reach new technological results in favor of the improvement of living standards and to solve problems and challenges of our society.
Forty seven (47) years ago, the Multilateral Treaty which established the World Organization of the Intellectual Property, WIPO, came into force.
the many events that are being are held today around the world to commemorate this date can be checked on an interactive map at WIPO’S website.
We send you our warmest greetings,

Citemark International IP team